Weekly outline

  • General


    English 11 is a two-trimester course focusing on reading and writing skills. Various novels, short stories, and nonfiction selections will be read, discussed, and written about. Students will be responsible for four major writing projects throughout the course of the year. Explicit grammar and vocabulary instruction will also be implemented throughout the course. This class is designed for students to learn lifelong reading and writing skills which can be applied outside of the classroom. This course is required for graduation.




    WEDNESDAY:  Opening Activity: Think of a symbol that represents something that is going on in your life right now--a relationship, a goal you are trying to achieve, a problem you do not know how to solve, an emotion you are feeling, etc. Describe the symbol (animal, color, force of nature, etc.) Write a paragraph describing what the symbol represents in your life. Upload this assignment to Showbie. (Example: my symbol might be a tornado because that's how I feel right now. We just moved into a different house and it's very chaotic!)

    Review: Define Motif. What purpose does it serve in literature? Homework--Come to class tomorrow with two examples of motif from either literature or film. Be prepared to share with the class. 

    Discussion/Notes: Mythical creature Phoenix is a red/orange bird that rises from its own ashes to be reborn every 500 years. Can also symbolize peace after a period of calamity. Discussed bird symbolism--freedom, presence of a higher being, freeing oneself from restraint through effort. 

    Classwork:finish questions 7-12 for "A Worn Path"






      • Notes: reviewed the 12 steps in the hero's journey archetype (used To Kill a Mockingbird as an example)
      • Popcorn reading of A" White Heron"-- students underlined examples of symbolism
      • Student pairs found examples of the 12 steps in "Heron"


      • Writing prompt: explain how the story would be different if Sylvia had revealed the heron's location. How would her life change? One paragraph--upload to Showbie. 
      • Discussion: went over the 12 steps for "A White Heron"
      • Homework: complete study questions for "Heron" 


      • Discussion: went over answers for "Heron"
      • Project: Pairs  1) choose a movie   2)represent the 12 steps in a presentation of choice  3)must include example of step from  movie  4) all groups work on a different movie!


      • Continue with journey archetype project


      • Students complete reading survey
      • Group discussion of novels

    • Week Five


      • Vocabulary words: 1) aesthetic  2) anachronistic
      • Collected first set of questions for "Rip Van Winkle"
      • Discussion: theme in "Rip Van Winkle"
      • Homework: On Target worksheet/graphic organizer outlining six themes


      • Vocabulary words: 1) bellicose  2) brevity
      • Discussed 5 major themes in "Rip Van Winkle"
      • Discussed historical context of "Rip"
      • Homework: students finish discussion questions (skip #15)


      • Vocabulary words: 1) impetuous  2) circuitous
      • Kahoot--"Rip Van Winkle"
      • Finished "Rip" questions with partner (collected at the end of class)


      • Vocabulary words: 1) Aquiesce  2) Capricious 
      • Notes: 5 characteristics of Romanticism 1) Distrust of civilization  2) Nostalgia for the past  3) Concern for individual freedom  4) Love for the beauty of nature  5) Interest in the supernatural
      • Class divided into 5 groups. Each group is responsible for presenting information on assigned characteristic. 



      • Turn on symbolism work for "The Masque of the Red Death."
      • Begin literary analysis essay on "Masque."
      • Rough draft due Friday
      • Vocabulary quiz Wednesday

      • Week Eight


        • Midterm study guide
        • Retuned into drafts


        • Review ACT writing rubric/guidelines
        • Review sample writing tests
        • Students worked on final draft (due Friday)


        • ACT writing practice


        • Review for midterm
        • work on first draft of Poe essay


        • Midterm exam

      • Week Nine


        • Power research activity: The Crucible background information 


        • Groups present research 
        • Handout: character list-quiz on Thursday


        • Act One Journal-due in class. writing prompt below
        • Began reading The Crucible. (through page 1247)
        • Reminder: character quiz Thursday.


        • Character Quiz
        • Continued reading Act One

      • Week Ten

         Monday: Power Research: The Crucible background information