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  • Course Description

    In this course, students will learn the fundamentals of construction.  Students will use plans to build a house.  Subcontracting and bidding will be evaluated by the students and they will have an active role in deciding vendors and subcontractors.

    Ultimately, there is no aspect, from excavation and footings through interior finish work that students will not be involved with.

    Great emphasis will be placed upon students to treat this class as though it were a job.  Attendance is extremely important.

    This class meets from 12:45 until 4:00 Monday through Thursday and does not meet on Friday.  During the spring trimester, a wiring class is offered on Fridays and students can earn credits in Residential Wiring through MState Technical College.

    • Organize gear

      At the beginning of this year long course, students will have to organize tools, machines, material handling devices...and get set up with their personal hand tools.

      We have two job trailers, a shop, a storeage building all of which are full of tools and machines that need to be organized for the year.  During this time, students will become familiar with terminolgy, location and safe practices.

    • Contracting practices

      Blue print reading.

      Codes and inspections.


      Structural tolerances.


      Insurance and licensing.


      • Site preparation

        We have a house started but students will have to use transits and measuring tools to stake out and excavate the basement for the next house we will be building this year.

        • Exterior finish of house one.

          Students will install windows, doors, siding, soffit and facia on house one while the excavation and foundation is done for house two.

          When these things are complete, students will move to the basement construction of house two, ultimatly capping it off for the winter.  Then, we should be working inside of house one during the winter months until spring.  House one should be done in early spring and framing and exterior should be complete by the end of the school year.

          • Bad weather or short days

            In the event of bad weather (it has to be really bad) or if we have severly shortened periods, there will be work to do in the shop either relating to the houses under construction, or things that need construction or repair in any of the three schools.

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